LWC Show #25 “Laugh til it Heals” with guest Christine Clifford

Laughing with Cancer Show # 25

“Laugh til it Heals” With guest Christine Clifford

Lets start off with RIP PRINCE.  We lost a great talent and great performer.

On Toddy’s show of Laughing with Cancer our gust is an award-winning international speaker,bestselling author,industry-leading sales person and not one but two-time cancer survivor.  She has had several books out such as “Not Now I’m Having a No Hair Day” “Our Family Has Cancer Too” and “Cancer has its Privileges:Stories of Hope and Laughter” among others.  She has been featured in several magazines such as Better Homes and Gardens,American Health,Golf Digest and in 2012 she was featured in Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine.  She’s appeared on CNN live as “One of the worlds leading authorities on the use of therapeutic humor”.  In 1994 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and began a life changing experience turning lemons into lemonade and started her own company called The Cancer Club.  Today that organization is one of the world’s largest producer of humorous and helpful products for people with cancer.  In 2013 she was informed that she had cancer again and while going through treatment for her cancer she wrote her book “Laugh til it Heals:Notes from the Worlds Funniest Cancer Mailbox”.  Here to tell her story and help us laugh it up is Christine Clifford.

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Hi My name is Rick Ochoa also known to some of you as Elvisrico. Thank you for checking out my page and my podcast "Laughing with cancer". A lot of us out there have struggles and obstacles to overcome in our life and cancer is one of them. My podcast will be dealing with subjects such as cancer, chronic illness, health tips, diet, exercise and of course positive thinking through laughter... So please join me as we struggle through our obstacles TOGETHER and get to know one another with positive thinking and laughter.

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