LWC Show #32 “Sugar Sugar”

Laughing with Cancer Show #32 “Sugar Sugar”
Sugar is a killer and at some point we all need a good detox. On today’s show we talk a little about sugar and why it’s bad for you. So sit back and let me jabber at you for a bit and remember Peace! Love! and stay laughing

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Hi My name is Rick Ochoa also known to some of you as Elvisrico. Thank you for checking out my page and my podcast "Laughing with cancer". A lot of us out there have struggles and obstacles to overcome in our life and cancer is one of them. My podcast will be dealing with subjects such as cancer, chronic illness, health tips, diet, exercise and of course positive thinking through laughter... So please join me as we struggle through our obstacles TOGETHER and get to know one another with positive thinking and laughter.

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