LWC Show #33 “The Laughing Cure” with guest DR. Brian King

LWC Show#33 “The Laughing Cure” with guest Dr. Brian King

On today’s show of laughing with cancer our guest is DR. Brian King an acclaimed comedian and Psychologist who travels the country conducting seminars to tens of thousands of people a year. His book “the Laughing Cure” is in stores now (amazon is where I got mine) where he explains how laughter can help you with what ails you. He draws his insight as a Psychologist and his experience as a comedian, so set back and enjoy my friends and remember if your not laughing you’re not living… Peace Love and stay laughing

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Hi My name is Rick Ochoa also known to some of you as Elvisrico. Thank you for checking out my page and my podcast "Laughing with cancer". A lot of us out there have struggles and obstacles to overcome in our life and cancer is one of them. My podcast will be dealing with subjects such as cancer, chronic illness, health tips, diet, exercise and of course positive thinking through laughter... So please join me as we struggle through our obstacles TOGETHER and get to know one another with positive thinking and laughter.

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