Move forward Fight back

Life is funny, sad, disappointing, and sometimes just all around lousy.  Sometimes you want to give up and not deal with it.  For a lot of us, having cancer makes things even harder.  However, we must move forward fight back.  We look towards our friends and/or loved ones for support and comfort .  Even that can be hard to do.  Sometimes, our friends and/or loved ones don’t understand why you’re being a jerk.  Days when you have pain and constant fatigue (all day long) can turn anyone into a giant jerk.  Once again, move forward, fight back, we need to tell ourselves “it’s just a day, tomorrow will be better”.  But guess what, It doesn’t always work that way.   You wake up and start all over.
Then there’s the challenge of medication, you really don’t want to take it but the fatigue and pain is too much.  With that comes the stress, depression, and anxiety. All of this leads up to one big ball of meds.  All you want to do is feel better, be in a good mood, and make the people around you laugh.  Wanting them to enjoy being around you.  So you take medication for pain, depression, stress, anxiety, to try to feel normal.  Some days you just want to sleep all day, not think about life, just stay in your dream world.  Once again, you take on your day the best you can by moving forward and fighting back.

Then one day, you wake up feeling great, you have energy and your pain is hardly noticeable. You want to enjoy all kinds of activities that you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t had the energy or strength for. You know if you do too much you’ll wear yourself out and the next day you’ll be back to feeling miserable. However you want the moment/ instant, that feeling, to last forever and never leave. Cancer makes those days far and few, so when you have that good day, grab it and hold on to it for as long as you can.  Tomorrow is a whole new day and you have no idea what it will bring.
So what do we do when your cancer is a big TA-DO?  You can shut down, act flippant, make your friends and loved ones feel like it’s no big deal. You can joke about your situation, but you know inside that it’s hard to hold that facade. So you take more meds, more meds, and more meds or do you stop taking your meds?  Do you find alternative ways to deal with depression, pain, anxiety?  Do you do both? It’s hard to say what to do, is there really a right answer?  Cancer loves stress, loves anxiety, and loves to steal your energy.  Some days no matter what you do, what you take, your cancer gets that day.  The next day you move forward, you fight back and you take that day.

So remember my friends laugh, laugh, laugh, because laughter is the best medicine.  If you’re not laughing your letting life pass you by.  You must move forward  fight back.  Some days will be hard to do but you must laugh to help build up that immune system.  With that said I hope this little blog helps in some way… PEACE! LOVE! and stay laughing.