Podcast Land was created by, Michael Khalili, brother to Chemda Khalili from the well known podcast Keith and the girl .  He created it to help find new and interesting podcasts to listen to. The site features list of podcasts by category which are based on fan votes and, to keep things really fresh, he also feature random podcasts throughout the site. There’s also a search feature which allows you to find new shows that are not found on the lists.  He’s been involved with podcasting for over 8 years and he’s always looking for new ways to help podcasters. The point of this site is to match listeners with new podcasts to enjoy. Podcast fans can browse through the different categories and easily listen to new shows right from their browser. You can also easily subscribe to the ones you like.

reddit alienIf you like this site, you’ll probably also enjoy the r/podcasts sub-reddit. It’s a great place to chat with other podcast fans and show hosts. My username on reddit isMichaelApproved. Feel free to say hello to him there.

Laughing with Cancer is one of the newer podcasts there and has not yet been featured as podcast of the month but hopefully with your vote we can make it happen. Just go to the link http://podcastland.com/podcasts/211287/laughing-with-cancer and enter your email address to vote, it’s that easy. So please go to podcastland.com and give your vote