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LWC Show#33 “The Laughing Cure” with guest Dr. Brian King

On today’s show of laughing with cancer our guest is DR. Brian King an acclaimed comedian and Psychologist who travels the country conducting seminars to tens of thousands of people a year. His book “the Laughing Cure” is in stores now (amazon is where I got mine) where he explains how laughter can help you with what ails you. He draws his insight as a Psychologist and his experience as a comedian, so set back and enjoy my friends and remember if your not laughing you’re not living… Peace Love and stay laughing

               Laughing with Cancer Show #32 “Sugar Sugar”
 Sugar is a killer and at some point we all need a good detox. On today’s show we talk a little about sugar and why it’s bad for you. So sit back and let me jabber at you for a bit and remember Peace! Love! and stay laughing

Laughing with cancer Show #31 “The show must go on”                                          With guest Ellean Weber

Like most cancer survivors we all have a story to tell, a journey of sorts when it comes to this roller-coaster ride we call cancer. On today’s show of Laughing with Cancer our guest is a musician a teacher and is trained in method acting.  She also has a masters degree in vocal performance and pedagogy, not to sure what pedagogy is but she has a masters degree in it. she is also a cancer survivor and a multiple sclerosis warrior….Please welcome to the show Ellean Weber

Remember my friends keep laughing! PEACE! LOVE! and stay laughing

Laughing with Cancer show #30 Coping with your disease

Hi all!

On today’s show of Laughing with Cancer, we talk a little about how to cope with your disease be it cancer, death, other illnesses, job loss, or even a new president we all need to cope some way or another. so sit back and let me jabber with you.. Peace Love and stay laughing

                     Laughing with Cancer Show #29

                                 “HO HO Oily HO”

HI my friends and Merry Christmas to you all! On today’s show we talk a little about what happened in November you know the election and all that nonsense. Most importantly we talk about essential oils. Aromatherapy is a natural modality that can help patients cope with all kinds of illnesses like chronic pain, nausea, stress and depression. It has also been used to stimulate the immune system, fight off bacterial infections increase circulation, alleviate headaches, sooth sore muscles and help you sleep at night just to name a few. Essential oils have been around for ever and are starting to make a comeback for people who are looking for alternatives to prescription drugs. With that said sit back and enjoy and have a very Merry Christmas….Peace Love and stay laughing

                           Laughing with Cancer show # 28

                                              ” PROP 205″  

   Hi my friends, I know I’ve been MIA for the last couple of months but not to fear I’m back and just in time to vote.  For who you might ask, that I’m not sure but what I do know is prop.205 is up for a vote and yes is the the way to go. The legalization and regulation of marijuana here in Arizona, it’s not only good for the state but good for the people that really need it.  So on this show I talk a little about whats been going on with me, my kids and just life’s ups and downs and what is needed is some good old R & R then of course marijuana. So sit back and let me chat with you for a few.  I would also like to send a shout out to Chemda Hennessy of Keith and the girl podcast and welcome her to the cancer survivor club.  However her fight is not over yet, she still needs radiation therapy so please send her your love and help by clicking on this link “CHEMDA NEEDS YOUR HELP”  Thanks my friends.  Remember if your not laughing you’re letting life pass you by… Peace! Love! and stay laughing


                   Laughing with Cancer Show # 27

                                   “Life after Cancer”

On the latest show of Laughing with Cancer we talk about the craziness going on in the world with all the shootings and would like to give our condolences to the families of the five officers that were shot in Dallas. Lorne Ahrens, Michael Krol, Michael Smith, Brent Thompson and Patrick Zamarripa.  I would also like to give my condolences to the families of Philando Castle of Minnesota and Alton Sterling of Baton Rouge Louisiana who were both gunned down by police officers.  And speaking of craziness lets not forget about the candidates running for president, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  The crazy train is coming and I think they’re both on board.

“Life after Cancer” Everything you’re feeling right now is normal for cancer survivors.  Recovering from cancer treatment isn’t just about your body-it’s also about healing your mind.  Take time to acknowledge the fear, grief and loneliness you’re feeling right now.  Then take the steps to understand why you feel these emotions and what you can do about them.  I also would like to give a shout out to my brother Rick Goeden (Lips) my concert buddy. PEACE!LOVE! and stay laughing

 “RISE” History is being made 

 The new single RISE by Sixx AM is out off there new album Prayers for the damned VOL.1… ACE’S 10 my friends! So lets talk a little about NIKKI SIXX and SIXX AM and some talk about Motley Crue.   Speaking of RISE (pun intended) a 64 year old man in Massachusetts has the first penis transplant this month.  He had his penis amputated after he was diagnosed with penile cancer in 2012. A new drug causes cancer to “melt away” in patients with advanced leukemia and a revolutionary treatment uses HIV to reprogram cells into fighting cancer, crazy stuff going on. It’s also May and that’s Lupus awareness month.  With that said, sit back and listen as I stumble over my words and chat with you for a bit. PEACE! LOVE! and stay laughing

 Laughing with Cancer Show #25

                                “Laugh til it Heals”

Lets start off with RIP PRINCE.  We lost a great talent and great performer.

On Toddy’s show of Laughing with Cancer our gust is an award-winning international speaker,bestselling author,industry-leading sales person and not one but two-time cancer survivor.  She has had several books out such as “Not Now I’m Having a No Hair Day” “Our Family Has Cancer Too” and “Cancer has its Privileges:Stories of Hope and Laughter” among others.  She has been featured in several magazines such as Better Homes and Gardens,American Health,Golf Digest and in 2012 she was featured in Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine.  She’s appeared on CNN live as “One of the worlds leading authorities on the use of therapeutic humor”.  In 1994 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and began a life changing experience turning lemons into lemonade and started her own company called The Cancer Club.  Today that organization is one of the world’s largest producer of humorous and helpful products for people with cancer.  In 2013 she was informed that she had cancer again and while going through treatment for her cancer she wrote her book “Laugh til it Heals:Notes from the Worlds Funniest Cancer Mailbox”.  Here to tell her story and help us laugh it up is Christine Clifford.

 Laughing with Cancer Show # 24 “1 Boob at a time”

With guest Bret Miller

Lets just start off by saying DID YOU SEE MY BRONCOS WIN THE SUPERBOWL BABY??!!  That’s right the Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers 24 to 10… So the Broncos are Superbowl #50 champs.  This month is Valentines, or as I like to call it ” I Love You Day” and also cancer awareness month.  Male breast cancer is a cancer not to many people think about, but it happens.  It’s said that over 2,200 men are diagnosed with breast cancer every year and that over 450 men die from it per year.  Most people have always thought breast cancer to be a women’s cancer and like most men we’re too stubborn to go see a doctor, by the time we do it’s too late and the cancer has spread.  For most men with breast cancer, when caught in the early stages, survival rate is around 90%.  Breast cancer is rare among men but it does happen. So, what do you do to become that 90% if diagnosed with breast cancer? What are the emotions you go through as a man having a so called “women’s disease”?  On today’s show of Laughing with Cancer we have one of the worlds youngest male breast cancer survivors.  At age 24 he was diagnosed with breast cancer and from that point on his journey began as an advocate for men with breast cancer.  He’s the founder of the MBCC (Male Breast Cancer Coalition) and the Bret Miller 1T foundation “saving second base one boob at a time”.  Here to talk about his foundation and bring awareness to male breast cancer is Bret Miller.

Bret Miller 1T Foundation

MBCC (Male Breast Cancer Coalition) 

 Laughing with Cancer Show #23 “Nutrition Nutrition where do you start”

                                                         With guest Jean Lamatia

On today’s show of Laughing with Cancer we try to start off the new year with some nutrition talk,but first we say goodbye to 3 greats, Lemmy Kilmister of Moterhead,the great David Bowie and actor Alan Rickman all from struggles with cancer.  Remember my friends, cancer does not discriminate no mater who you are.  Our guest today is a registered dietitian and program leader at the Wellspring Cancer Support Agency in Toronto Ontario,providing nutritional education in the form of lectures and cooking demonstrations.  She is also the author of “The Essential Cancer Treatment Nutrition Guide and Cookbook” and the editor of the Canadian Dietitian Oncology Network and Newsletter and yes, she is a cancer survivor.  When she was first diagnosed at the age of 27 with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma she never thought it would turn out to be such a gift.  Here to tell her story and talk a little nutrition is Jean Lamantia.

If you would like to know about Jean Lamantia and her cookbook please go to her web site at

                 Laughing with Cancer Show # 22 “Cancer 4 Me 5”
                                                 with guest Liam Ryan..

Happy New Year to all of you, so long 2015.  On today’s show of Laughing with Cancer, we talk to a very inspirational man from Ireland with an out of this world story. Liam Ryan was diagnosed with stage 4 head and neck cancer, it was one of the worst cases doctors had ever seen, and he was expected to have only weeks to live.  At one point the doctors told him he might as well be at stage 44 and that he had only a 5% chance of survival, that’s how bad it was. Liam Ryan was a fighter and fight is what he did.  Ten years later he ran his first marathon, post cancer, and wrote a book called “Cancer 4 Me 5 (after extra time)”. So please sit back and enjoy an amazing story from a man with such amazing strength, courage and faith that anyone with cancer will know that it can be beaten. Ladies and gentleman I give you Mr. Liam Ryan.

If you would like to purchase the book “Cancer 4 Me 5” (after extra time) go to Liam Ryan’s web site

LWC Show # 21 “Blue Blue Christmas”

In this show of Laughing with Cancer I pretty much just talk about Christmas, Family, if you get a lump of coal or if Santa steels your soul..Just kidding. How sometimes Christmas can be such a Ta-do but on the other hand I get to see my grand son Nico (Mijo), my parents and daughter, oh i can’t leave out my beautiful Jewells. So this show is a little shorter then most but I got tings to do my friends. So with that said please have a wonderful Christmas try not to lose your mind with the relatives visiting….Peace!Love! and stay laughing

LWC Show #20 “Cancer Queen of Comedy”

                        With guest Miss Nikki

On this show of Laughing with Cancer we have a very special guest, Veronique Martinez AKA Miss Nikki or as some like to call her the Cancer Queen of Comedy. Miss Nikki lives in Chicago Illinois and is a mother to a beautiful daughter and a wife to a wonderful husband.  Miss Nikki is a cancer fighter/survivor and standup comedian. In 2010 she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and decided to take this negative and turn it into a positive by becoming a comedian, she wanted to help others think positive through their battle with cancers of all types. Miss Nikki has graced the stage at various venus and comedy showcases, such as Zanies Chicago, Abbey pub, Jokes and Notes, Laugh Factory and many others.  Miss Nikki has been in films such as “Here comes Flabby Hoffman” in 2014 and has appeared as an extra on “Empire” season 2 and Spike lee’s “Chiraq” and has a role as Miss Nikki in an independent film “open Windows” which is slated to be released by 2017.  Miss Nikki is such an inspiration to so many people surviving and fighting cancer and is living proof that cancer really does hate laughter.  So with no further ado i give you Miss Nikki Martinez “The Cancer Queen of Comedy”

Twitter @lolmsnikkishow

Instagram Cancerqueen71



LWC Show #19 “Rocky Road”

With Guest Matthew Williams

In this show of Laughing with Cancer we talk a little about where I, Elvisrico, has been.  You see I haven’t done a show in about 2 months, I’ll get in to that in a bit, but for now, I’m back and feeling better about myself and life in general.  I want to help spread the word about a few people I know that are struggling with their own demons called cancer, and the rocky road or roller coaster ride they have to look forward to traveling.  This will be one of many stories of the fighters, the survivors, and even the loss of loved ones that are battling this crazy thing called cancer.  My guest and friend Matthew Williams (or as his friends on twitter like to call him, @ lorddrachenblut which means dragons blood) is just one of those fighters and survivors.  In 2013 after heavy weight loss, an increased difficulty in swallowing and keeping food down, along with severe back and abdominal pain he had no choice but to eventually break down and go to the doctors where they found a 9cm large mass in his abdomen.  Moving forward to 2014, they would find out he was at stage 4 of esophageal cancer.  Needless to say Matthew has been through the ringer.  Matthew has hopes of getting into SysAdmin working on linux servers, but for now he has to put that on the back burner and is focusing on trying to make video’s aimed at new users showing them how to get started with linux and free and open source software.  For more information on projects Matthew is working on here are some of the sites you can go to and learn more. project webpage IndieGoGo page
Personal websites tech rambling personal website
Twitter @lorddrachenblut
Skype lord_drachenblut


LWC Show #18

“Trying to stay positive”

Hi all tis I Elvisrico, and welcome once again to Laughing with Cancer show #18. On todays show we try to stay positive and talk a little bit on how life can hit you with all kinds of curve balls and how we can change some of all the negativity going on in the world.   Well try to anyways with Facebook and all the other social media bs out there it’s kinda hard.  I myself have had some curve balls in the last month and a half but what can you do but try to stay positive.  My computer went down and down hard, curve ball, positive side I’m able to use my girlfriend’s laptop for now and try to save what i can on my laptop.  So with this show I’m hoping not to ramble on too much about negativity and help you with staying positive.  I would like to give you a little something to think about when your trying to find your happiness.  Remember my friends happiness is a mod not a destination.  This and much more on Laughing with Cancer so sit back and listen to my BS for about 30 minutes or so and try to tell yourself it could always be worse.  I also want to remind you to donate to the Light the night walk on November 7th for the Leukemia Lymphoma society, talk about doing something positive and making a difference in so many life’s.  Just go to my website  and click on the link “Light the night walk” and BOOM! There you go, tax deductible donation.  With that said stay strong, be a warrior stay a warrior and try to stay positive.

PEACE! LOVE! And stay laughing



LWC Show # 017

                                                                      “My Fitness Pal”

On this episode of Laughing with Cancer we talk about this and that and an app called my fitness pal to help you lose weight, basically we